Cheers to lemonade season, ladies and gents.
Raspberry Lemonade
Credit: Courtesy Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Sometimes, you don't want to mess with culinary perfection (family biscuit recipes, we're looking at you). But sometimes, even the finest recipes can benefit from a boost with the addition of a few ingredients.

Take, for instance, Chick-fil-A's much adored lemonade. Last week, Chick-fil-A's blog The Chicken Wire, shared a recipe for sparkling blackberry mint lemonade, and we're quite certain even lemonade purists will love it. To make the invigorating beverage, a base of Chick-fil-A's lemonade gets jazzed up with blackberries, fresh mint leaves, a touch of sugar, and club soda. Feel free to mix and match the fruits and herbs you muddle into the mix — like swapping in raspberries for blackberries or basil for mint — and experiment until you find your favorite. Of course, we won't tell should you choose to add a few flips of bourbon to the final libation. Watch a video of the beverage coming together below and get the full recipe here.

All this talk of lemonade has us itching for lazy evenings on the porch and relaxed summer weekends. But hey, why not start channeling that Memorial Day Weekend feeling this week, sip-by-sip?

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Now, if you don't mind, we've got to head off to The Chick to pick up some lemonade and maybe one or two or eight more essentials.