Novice chefs, this is a delicious recipe for you.
Fish Tacos and Topping Bar
Credit: Greg DuPree

I made the Fish Tacos for the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge—and really enjoyed making them! Full disclosure: I normally opt for recipes that are as simple as possible to make. This recipe was easy to make, even with multiple components (fish + slaw + chipotle cream). It would be a fantastic recipe to make ahead of time if friends are coming over because you can prep the slaw and cream beforehand, and the actual fish takes almost no effort. (Maybe five minutes of prep, then just 15 minutes in the oven!)

I did my shopping at Whole Foods, and I couldn't find the Asian chili-garlic sauce but luckily I found this sauce that looked like what I was looking for—plus it's made in Savannah, GA! It's ‘sweet chili sauce' from Savannah Sauce Company. It worked just fine and smells amazing. I think I'll be putting this on everything from now on.

Also, I forgot to season the filets (I used tilapia) before breading them, but I don't think it made a huge difference. I do think it could be useful to turn the filets over halfway through cooking so one side of the breading doesn't get crispy while the other gets soft.

Fish Tacos
Credit: @katherine_owen

Last note: I actually thought all the components were so delicious on their own that you could lose the tortilla and just top the fish with the slaw and a little cream and eat with a fork and knife. All in all, I thought this was a super recipe for entry-level but extremely flavorful food.