Sorry, mayo.
Sliced and Whole Tomatoes
Credit: Riess Studio/Getty Images

We know. We know. If it's not mayo, we've lost you. We were skeptics too.

Then, one day, we opened up our pantry and drizzled a wee bit of honey (Savannah Bee Company, for the win) on thick, juicy slabs of tomato cradled in a piece of multigrain sourdough. Chew. Marvel. Let it hit you. Wow!

Not convinced? Consider this "1-minute tomato sandwich" recipe from The Kitchn, which pairs a few slices of heirloom tomatoes with a generous glug of honey, pinch of sea salt, and swaps my penchant for multigrain sourdough with Ezekiel or whole-grain bread. This recipe also spreads on a creamy layer of unsalted butter, which we certainly won't argue with, but you can also switch that out for a few spoonfuls of olive oil.

"A pinch of salt brings out [tomatoes'] juiciness, honey highlights their sweetness, and the nuttiness of whole-grain bread grounds the sandwich with a hearty foundation," notes writer Tami Weiser of the creation.

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As for those folks who swear by balsamic and balsamic alone decking their tomato sammies. Blasphemy, we tell you!