Here's Why the End of the Pub Sub Is the Best Part

We all eat our Pub Subs the same way—one bite at a time.

Publix Sub

Bold statement: The end of the Pub Sub is the best part. We know a few naysayers who hold that the middle is the preferred portion of the Southern-favorite sandwich, but we say no, it's the end. Why? Let us convince you. We have three compelling reasons, but we're sure there are plenty more—we're talking about the beloved Pub Sub, after all. It's not just a sandwich; it's an experience.

The Bite

When you reach the end of a Pub Sub, you're in a state of euphoria. Bite after bite of fresh bread, meats, cheeses, and toppings has brought you to the final moment of your meal, and that moment is beautiful. The last taste of every Pub Sub offers up the crusty end of a loaf of bread—buttery, grainy, and perfectly crisp, the ideal finishing bite to a delicious, hearty sandwich.

The Blend

If you're lucky, the last bite isn't just bread. As you eat, the sauces and toppings you've so carefully chosen to fill your Pub Sub slide toward the ends, mingling wildly, soaking into the freshly baked bread, and combining to form an alchemy of Pub Sub goodness—and oh, what an alchemy it is.

The Countdown

Enjoying the end of a Pub Sub is a special moment indeed. For those of us in thrall to this particular sub, the end of one signals we're approaching the beginning of another. The last bite of the sandwich simultaneously launches the countdown to the next Pub Sub order, because we just can't get enough.

Are you already planning your next visit to the Publix deli for your own supremely customizable Pub Sub? We are too: There's a chicken tenders-filled Pub Sub with our name on it awaiting us at lunch tomorrow. (T-minus 24 hours...)

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What's your favorite part of a Pub Sub? The end? The middle? Another part entirely? We won't hold it against you if you say: "The whole thing, silly."

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