My grandmother taught me to love it.

Southerners are no strangers to a quirky sandwich combination. There's almost nothing we won't put between two pieces of soft, white Wonder bread—from fat slices of tomato to canned pineapple rings—and cushion in a generous slathering of mayo. Growing up, tomato sandwiches and canned pineapple sandwiches weren't a weird thing to see on a Saturday afternoon at my grandmother's house. They reminded her of her mother, she always said. And to her, that was the tastiest part. 

There's one other Southern sandwich my grandmother has always sworn as one of her favorite Southern staples that, in my opinion, is the weirdest one of all, and I've never really heard of anyone else talking about it. Let me introduce everyone to the potato salad sandwich. It's exactly as you imagine: leftover potato salad spread onto two gloriously fluffy slices of white bread, smothered with a coating of butter or mayonnaise, and topped with a sprinkling of black pepper. Don't hate me. 

At first thought, it doesn't make any logical sense. In fact, it seems like a total disaster. Much like how some people call the greatest sandwich of all time (the tomato sandwich) a soggy mess, this sandwich could be construed as mushy, textureless, and odder than a granny on a motorcycle. Again, those people are wrong. So, allow me to explain the scenario in which a potato salad sandwich comes into play.

Deviled Egg Potato Salad
Credit: Antonis Achilleos

For starters, my grandmother makes what some have called the "best potato salad ever," and it's super similar to our recipe for Southern-Style Potato Salad. We always have it for family cookouts and certain holidays like Easter and the Fourth of July, and she makes enough to feed an army. What to do with all of those leftovers in her fridge the next day? Well, what her Mama would've done. Grab the Wonder bread and Duke's. Her potato salad is topped with hard-boiled eggs and has plenty of mustard, which makes it actually quite suitable for a sandwich. Especially if you add some bacon.

The last time we had potato salad as a family, I promised to try a potato salad sandwich with her for lunch the next day. And you know what? It was pretty tasty to enjoy on a warm day, sitting on the porch with a glass of lemonade.

WATCH: Southern Potato Salad

Next time you make your favorite potato salad recipe, consider trying this old-fashioned Southern staple.