14 Sandwiches Perfect for Your Next Picnic

Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches
Photo: Jennifer Causey; Prop Styling: Christine Keely; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Sandwiches are a picnic basket essential. Easy to make and easier to eat (no utensils needed), they're the ultimate grab-and-go food for a picnic in the park or even just lunch in the backyard. They're a vehicle for the best summer produce, like tomatoes, and are endlessly customizable. Plus, they pair well with countless easy to pack snacks, like chips and cookies, and stack easily into coolers and baskets.

Sandwiches are convenient to make for a crowd, and many of these recipes use up leftovers or use store-bought shortcuts like rotisserie chicken, making them even more effortless. From classics like our SL BLT to creative new takes like our Open Face Tomato Sandwiches, there are plenty of delicious picnic sandwiches for when the next sunny day hits.

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Classic Southern BLT

Southern BLT
Monica Farber/Southern Living

Recipe: Classic Southern BLT

This simple picnic sandwich packs a punch. The secret to why it tastes so good? A touch of grated garlic in the mayo.

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The Masters Egg Salad Sandwiches


Recipe: The Masters Egg Salad Sandwiches

Our take on the iconic Augusta National sandwich, with the same perfectly smooth texture and a touch of dill pickle. It's just as perfect for picnics as it is for golf.

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Turkey, Apple, and Brie Sandwich

Turkey, Apple, and Brie Sandwich
Photo: Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Lindsey Lower; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer

Recipe: Turkey, Apple, and Brie Sandwich

This is not your average turkey sandwich. Crisp apples and nutty brie combine with sweet and spicy pepper jelly to give turkey leftovers a second life.

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Mini Muffulettas

Mini Muffulettas
Jennifer Davick; Styling: Amy Burke

Recipe: Mini Muffulettas

These mini versions of the classic New Orleans sandwich are an easy and portable lunch, especially if picnicking with a small group. Plus, they can be prepared the day before, stored in zip-top bags, and refrigerated overnight. Just don't forget the Zapp's potato chips.

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Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches

Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches
Jennifer Causey; Prop Styling: Christine Keely; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches

All the elements of your favorite salad, between two slices of bread. The homemade Caesar dressing is the perfect way to dress up rotisserie chicken, and any extra dressing can be bottled and saved for your next green salad or to drizzle over baked chicken breasts for dinner.

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Open-Faced Tomato Sandwiches with Creamy Cucumber Spread

Open-Faced Tomato Sandwiches with Creamy Cucumber Spread
Alison Miksch

Recipe: Open-Faced Tomato Sandwiches with Creamy Cucumber Spread

A tomato sandwich is a summer picnic classic. We put a spin on it, serving it open face with a creamy cucumber spread filled with fresh dill and mint. For the prettiest sandwiches, use a mix red, yellow, and green tomatoes.

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Greek Grilled Chicken Pita

Greek Grilled Chicken Pita
Victor Protasio; Prop Styling: Audrey Davis; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall

Recipe: Greek Chicken Pita

Ditch the cold cuts and try this Greek wrap instead. Filled with juicy marinated grilled chicken, drizzled with an herby yogurt tzatziki, and stuffed with fresh lettuce and tomato, this wrap will become you new picnic go-to.

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Cranberry Chicken Salad

Cranberry Chicken Salad
Victor Protasio, Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall, Prop Stylist: Kathleen Varner

Recipe: Cranberry Chicken Salad

This picnic classic keeps cooking to a minimum because it uses store-bought rotisserie chicken tossed in a creamy Dijon and mayonnaise dressing. While the recipe calls for dried cranberries, you can easily swap in sliced grapes for a seasonal summer twist.

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Mini Tomato Sandwiches With Bacon Mayonnaise

Mini Tomato Sandwiches With Bacon Mayonnaise
Victor Protasio

Recipe: Mini Tomato Sandwiches With Bacon Mayonnaise

The quality of your tomatoes will make or break this simple picnic sandwich. We advise using only the ripest tomatoes you can find at the market. While you can serve these sandwiches appetizer-sized, you can easily skip slicing the sandwiches in quarters and serve them whole.

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Salmon Bagel Sandwiches

Salmon Bagel Sandwiches
Photo: Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Torie Cox; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke

Recipe: Salmon Bagel Sandwiches

This savory bagel sandwich uses our favorite slow-cooked salmon, seasoned with an aromatic blend of lemongrass, fennel, and scallions. It's then layered between two sides of an everything bagel with all the classic fixings of a lox bagel like cucumber, cream cheese, and red onion. It's the perfect sandwich for a picnic brunch in the park.

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Turkey Salad

Turkey Salad
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Claire Spollen; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall

Recipe: Turkey Salad

This recipe is a four in one, with three ways to spice up a classic turkey salad, including Golden Curry Turkey Salad, Fruit-and-Nut Turkey Salad, or Pickle-and-Dill Turkey Salad. No matter which direction you go, it comes together in 10 minutes for an easy to-go lunch.

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Tomato Tea Sandwiches

Tomato Tea Sandwiches
Greg DuPree; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Cat Steele

Recipe: Tomato Tea Sandwiches

Although you typically see these dainty sandwiches at high tea or a shower, they're also great for picnics, especially if dining al fresco with a group. The flavorful cream cheese spread made with our Summer Sauce is what make these simple sandwiches something special.

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Ham Salad

Cheese Puffs with Ham Salad
Alison Miksch; Prop Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Ham Salad

This retro Southern dish is perfect for a picnic. While we suggest serving it on cheesy gougeres when entertaining, feel free to sandwich it between two slices of your favorite bread or a halved croissant for a picnic lunch.

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Dainty Cucumber Sandwiches

You’re Going to Love Cucumber Tea Sandwiches When You Try Them This Way
Dawn Perry

Recipe: Dainty Cucumber Sandwiches

A simple but refreshing sandwich that combines a delicious herby cream cheese spread with crunchy slices of cucumber. If you're not feeling fancy, forget trimming the edges—a little crust never hurt anyone.

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