South Carolina food blogger Anne Wolfe Postic turns a kitchen clean-out into happy hour.
Cucumber Arugula Tea Sandwiches
Credit: Anne Wolfe Postic

On weekend afternoons, I empty the fridge, cooking everything I can before it goes bad. This can lead to some pretty interesting Sunday evening meals, some of which are downright delightful. It can also lead to things like sausage balls, enough bone stock to last for three months, weird salads, and random cocktails. I love those afternoons, because cooking is relaxing, especially when there's no pressure. It's my own mystery box challenge, and I can't lose because it is my kitchen.

A good fridge clean-out can turn into an impromptu dinner party, or a party for one on the front porch with finger sandwiches and salted almonds. I love a good tray of tiny sandwiches, because the possibilities are endless. Which is exactly what I need when I'm emptying the fridge.

On a recent Sunday, tea sandwiches were on the menu. I made one old favorite, one new favorite, and something that wasn't good at all that I don't want to discuss in any detail. (Let's just say that not everything that comes from a weekend fridge comes together like it should. Also, raw fennel and black olive salad really isn't as good as you think it might be.) My old favorite, B.L.T. Spread Sandwiches, required a trip to the store because I needed Wonder Bread, which just isn't a thing we keep around, though it's delicious in the right context. Making B.L.T. Spread will change your tea sandwich game. Just try it.

As for the new recipe, it's vegan. I'm serious! It's 2017. The days of making bacon jokes to vegans are over. And the days of pretending like it's hard to feed your plant-eating friends are over, too. They have great skin and always look well-rested. Maybe they know something we don't. Besides, vegan food is like any food—just as good (or bad) as you make it. And these Cucumber and Arugula Pesto Tea Sandwiches made my Sunday.

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