And leaves plenty of leftovers for lunch!

Steak, Sweet Potato, and Blue Cheese Salad
Credit: Greg DuPree

For the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge, I made Steak, Sweet Potato, and Blue Cheese Salad. ln our house, a weeknight dinner needs to be on the table in less than an hour, contain a few vegetables, not require a zillion ingredients, and make enough food for my husband and I to eat as leftovers for lunch the next day. This recipe satisfies all of our requirements–and then some. It's a filling, satisfying meal, especially for a salad, which can leave you feeling hungry before bedtime. I love the combination of caramelized roasted sweet potatoes, tangy blue cheese, juicy steak, and peppery arugula. Every bite is a new surprise. I followed the recipe as written, although I used red wine vinegar instead of balsamic in the salad dressing because that's what I had in my pantry. (It worked just fine.)

I also cooked the steak in a cast-iron skillet instead of a grill pan. Either pan will get the job done, or you could grill the steak outside in warmer months. You could substitute kale to make the salad even heartier, or shredded chicken to make it a bit lighter. The recipe calls for the leftovers to be turned into a focaccia sandwich, which sounds amazing, but we're going to enjoy them as-is, straight out of the Tupperware. I'm already excited for lunch.