Watch as our favorite Southern kids react to a heaping helping of Pear-Mayo Salad.

You've seen it: A peeled pear half atop a leaf of iceberg lettuce, a dollop of mayo, a sprinkling of cheddar cheese, and one juicy cherry on top. It's pear-mayo salad, and it's a Southern staple. We've seen it at showers and luncheons, church homecomings and buffets, and every gathering in between. There's just something about this dish that keeps Southerners coming back for more. Today's Southern kids, though, aren't quite so appreciative of a good pear-mayo salad.

Why do people eat this? "Maybe they ran out of other things to eat?" one intrepid child wonders. "Is it potato?" "Is that a cherry on top?" Once they get down to tasting a bite of the pear, mayo, cheddar, and cherry combo, the reviews are decidedly mixed. Watch the video to see how these Southern youngsters react to their first taste of this classic dish.

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Is pear-mayo salad one of your go-to dishes? How often do you whip it up in the kitchen?