Mandi Buckner, the Florida food blogger behind Chewsy Lovers, shares her fun take on beer can chicken using Cornish hens.
Orange-Ginger Chicken Marinade & Smoked Cornish Hen Recipe
Credit: Chewsy Lovers

If you're following our grillin' and chillin' series, we've already given you some great tips—and even grilling cookbooks—to keep the grill fun going all summer long. Today, we're showing you how versatile grilling can be. I stopped by my local Walmart to get Chewsy Kids ready for their summer roadtrip, and I picked up some Tyson Cornish hens in the frozen section and a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce to make an awesome chicken marinade. Buckaroo had talked about making some Cornish hens for weeks now (not on the grill), so it was already on my grocery to-do list.

When #CollectiveBias challenged us to grill cornish hens, we were excited, but we honestly didn't know what to expect. The verdict is in, and they are delicious! We are serving them up two ways for your viewing pleasure, and we hope that you'll try them out with your own families while you're grillin' and chillin' this summer.

There are several methods you can use to grill Cornish hens, including "spatchcocking". Have you ever heard of it? We didn't cook ours that way, but I still thought it was really cool. We smoked our hens on aluminum beer bottles so we could get a beautiful, even golden color—and also to steam the chicken from the inside making it super tender. It worked like a charm!

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Tip: Use aluminum bottles. You will have a huge mess of glass fragments and exploding chickens if you try and use glass bottles. You've been warned.

Mandi Buckner is a professional chef, entertaining expert, and aspiring restaurateur. She curates the award-winning blog Chewsy Lovers with her husband Elliot. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and is a lifelong fan of polka dots, pearls, the beach, and brunch.