Who said weekday dinners couldn't be fun, too?
Sheet Pan Nachos
Credit: Greg DuPree

When I came home and announced that we were having nachos for dinner, you would have thought I was Oprah giving away free cars. There was some serious excitement for a Tex-Mex treat that was different than our everyday dinners. So, before I even preheated the oven, my decision to make Sheet Pan Nachos during the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge was already a huge hit.

Even better than the reaction was the ease of making the meal. A few minutes of chopping toppings, browning the meat, and popping open a bag of tortilla chips, and I was practically there. And, of course, nachos are easy to customize, so it was simple to make them just how we like them—jalapeno-free (we can't handle the heat!), and extra loaded up on beans, meat, and cheese.

Serving a snack-turned-dinner for supper not only pulled us out of our quick chicken dinner rut, but it also made the evening feel a bit like our own personal party—easy, fun, and relaxed. On a weeknight, we're always up for a fuss-free meal that feels like a treat.

Whip up a pitcher of Strawberry Margarita Spritzers to go along with your nachos:

This recipe definitely earned its way into our go-to dinner recipes, but I may also put a new spin on it, pair it with a pitcher of margaritas, and pull it out at our next party. I'm sure it would be a crowd favorite!