It's Official: These are the Most Unpopular Foods in Every Southern State

Hawaiian Pizza
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When Southerners decide we don't like something, we feel it hard and resolutely. If we ever commit to a college football rivalry, we won't budge for life. If your mama decides she doesn't like the boy your sister is dating, there's no saving him. And, apparently, if thousands of people in your state declare a certain food to be universally hated, it's really something. Hater, a dating app that connects people based on their mutual dislike for certain things (ranging everywhere from pop culture celebrities to personality traits to food preferences), compiled data that shows the type of food most hated by users and separated the findings by state. Hence, every state's most disliked foods were determined—and some will undoubtedly surprise you. (See the full map here.) What do Kentuckians have against a certain popular dip? Why do Louisianans loathe a particular type of cookie? Read on to find out. Here are the most hated foods in every Southern state.And when you're done, check out the most iconic dishes from every Southern state.

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Alabama: Chipotle

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We know exactly what this is about: Chipotle's interesting take on cheese dip. (It's akin to nacho cheese.) Alabamians want melty white cheese dip on their Tex-Mex, and that's about it.

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Arkansas: Cilantro

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This herb is louder than most, we'll give them that. As far as the spice cabinet goes, cilantro isn't quite as innocent as flat-leaf parsley or oregano.

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Delaware: Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza
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When in Delaware, there's only one type of pizza that matters, and it's Grotto Pizza. (This pizza is known for its characteristic swirl of pizza sauce on top of the cheese.)

Something everyone will be able to agree on: our Pull-Apart Pizza Bread.

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Florida: Licorice

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Between black licorice or Red Vines, we're choosing the chewy ropes every time, but Florida residents want nothing to do with licorice at all. Perhaps, they're more of the gummy bear type of folks?

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Georgia: Tuna Salad

Chicken Salad
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While Georgians do enjoy their fill of mayo-based salads—chicken, pimiento cheese, and egg to name a few—tuna is not included. To their defense, tuna salad can be a little dicey (and smelly).

Recipe: Classic Pimiento Cheese

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Kentucky: Hummus

Collard Dip
Hector Manuel Sanchez

What did chickpeas ever do to Kentuckians? Try to pass off as a real dip in Bourbon Country, apparently.

Recipe: Smoky Black-Eyed Pea Hummus

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Louisiana: Cookies with Raisins

Toasted Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Because there's no greater betrayal than when you think you've bitten into a chocolate chip cookie, only to find dried up grapes instead.

Recipe: Barbara Bush's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Maryland: The Corner Piece of a Brownie

So Good Brownies
Jennifer Davick

If you're in the camp that loves the extra crispy corner of the brownie pan, don't move to Maryland.

Recipe: Ultimate Dark Chocolate Brownies

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Mississippi: Sour Cream

Sour Cream
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When it comes to this hatred, we can only assume that Mississippians are hyper-loyal to mayonnaise. It'd be a shame to miss out on sour cream pound cake, though.

Recipe: Sour Cream Pound Cake

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Missouri: The Last Bite of a Hot Dog

Sloppy Cola Joe Dogs
Melina Hammer

All good things must come to an end, even a ballpark hot dog. And that's a particularly sad moment for Missourians.

Recipe: Sloppy Cola Joe Dogs

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North Carolina: Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese
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To some, this chunky dairy product looks like milk gone bad and doesn't taste like much to boot.

Recipe: Lime Gelatin and Cottage Cheese Salad

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Oklahoma: Veggie Burgers

Black Bean Burgers with Comeback Sauce
Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Torie Cox; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke

Oklahoma—a state full of cattle ranches—doesn't mess with a veggie burger. (Why waste a fresh hamburger bun?)

Recipe: Black Bean Burgers with Comeback Sauce

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South Carolina: Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea
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South Carolinians like their tea sweet, and that's the end of the road. No frothy, bright green tea allowed, no matter how healthy it is.

Recipe: Southern Sweet Tea

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Tennessee: Foraged Food

Foraged Food
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Random? Yes. Justified? Also, yes. Because it's certainly hard to forage a nice bucket of hot chicken and skillet of cornbread in the wilderness.

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Texas: Steak Cooked Well-Done

Cast-Iron Cowboy Steak
Hector Sanchez

Because no Texan would disgrace a good cut of steak like that. And, frankly, no Southerner should, either.

Recipe: Cast-Iron Cowboy Steak

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Virginia: Dabbing Pizza Grease with a Napkin

Dabbing Pizza Grease with a Napkin

If you're eating greasy pizza, you might as well go whole-hog. While we get the sentiment, this dislike is oddly specific. (Here's a loophole: Homemade pizza isn't nearly as greasy as delivery!)

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West Virginia: Tofu

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West Virginians agree on one thing: Nothing should pretend to be meat. That's like sweetening your pitcher of tea with artificial packets.

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