A classic with a kick.
Greek Meatballs with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce and Rice
Credit: Greg DuPree

I made the Greek Meatballs with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce and Rice for the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge. I am half Greek, half Italian. And I've never met a meatball I didn't like. Growing up, I spent most Sunday afternoons watching my grandmother season gravy, knead dough, and roll meatball after meatball for our weekly family supper. A pinch of seasoning here, a sprinkle of salt there–she could eyeball any mixture and know exactly what was missing. I did not inherit the seasoning gene. On occasion, she'd let me dip my hands into the bowl and roll a few. When I wasn't looking, she would re-roll my too-tiny for her standards creations.

I knew my family would like this recipe so I made it with my mom over the holidays. The ingredients were easy to find, and the recipe was quick to pull together. It also made plenty of meatballs (32!) for four hungry adults.

Here are a few notes from one recipe maker to the next:

Don't make these meatball mistakes:
My grandmother always told me that if you pack the meatballs too tightly, they'll turn out rubbery and chewy. b) My mother made me wear gloves but my gram would always oil her hands before starting to roll so the mixture wouldn't stick to her palms and fingers. c) This recipe should make 32 meatballs so I'd suggest using a small ice cream scoop or a Tablespoon to make uniformly-sized meatballs. d) Pick up the feta cheese from the deli section of the supermarket. The generic brand's flavor was too mild and got lost in the mixture.

For Next Time: Yes, there will be a next time. Rather than serving over rice, I'll turn them into easy party appetizers.