Plus, you can use it as a serving bowl!
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Guac-Lock Keeps Guacamole From Turning Brown
Credit: Guac-Lock

The horror of watching your delicious guacamole turn brown before your eyes is one we know all too well. But what if we told you there was a new product on the market that claims to prevent that frightful brown layer from forming?

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Guac-Lock is the brilliant name of an even more brilliant device that promises to keep your guacamole fresh for days by preventing oxidation, the pesky reaction responsible for the untimely death of countless party dips. It sounds like magic, but the mechanism is actually quite simple. Here's how it works: the container that holds the guacamole sits on a base that removes oxygen with a simple push, creating an airtight seal. Voila! Homemade guac for days.

This nifty little gadget, which does double duty as a serving bowl, is sold through Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon for just under $20.

Happy dipping, y'all!