Here's What You Should Know About Serving Deviled Eggs on Biscuits

Brunch is calling.

Spicy Southwestern Deviled Eggs

When I asked my Southern mama about serving deviled eggs on biscuits, she said, "Oh no, don't you mean white bread?" And she has a point. An egg salad sandwich served on white bread is a Southern classic, but we're coming around to an even more Southern spin on that classic sandwich: deviled eggs on biscuits.

Deviled Eggs On What?

Stay with me. You like biscuits and scrambled eggs, right? You enjoy the occasional egg salad sandwich? Think of biscuits and deviled eggs as a fancy Southern hybrid of those two beloved dishes. Thanks to their versatile recipes, deviled eggs are super easy to chop up, slice, or mash into a spread. No matter how you make them—or what time of day you serve them—deviled eggs and biscuits are a perfect pair. Classic deviled eggs served on biscuits can make the ideal before-dinner appetizer, brunch dish, or lunch side. They can add a little zip to any meal. The dish is just surprising enough to make a statement, and it's just yummy enough to keep guests coming back for more.

Just imagine the fluffy biscuit. Light and buttery. Flaky in all the best ways. Then the zing of deviled eggs. Tangy, creamy, and whipped. Add your favorite herbs until you've reached peak brunch (or peak appetizer). A touch of salt and pepper, and you have a reimagined classic on your hands. (But not actually on your hands, because this is a relatively easy-to-eat finger food—another reason you should serve this dish at your next party.)

Where Do I Begin?

Speed up your prep time by popping open a can of refrigerated biscuits. Or, if you have some time, bake up a batch from our favorite biscuit recipe. (Tip: Go for thinner biscuits to ensure you get the most deviled egg flavor.) Next, decide how to showcase your deviled eggs. There are three schools of thought here:

The first option begins with preparing the deviled eggs as you normally would. (Check out our classic recipe, and be sure to watch our guide to deviled eggs.) Then chop (or slice) the finished product and place the pieces (or slices) atop biscuit halves. Simple and oh-so pretty atop a biscuit.

The second option is the most popular. Create a chunky deviled egg spread by chopping up the prepared deviled eggs and mixing until they form a spread. The creamy portion and the chopped boiled egg halves combine for a satisfying biscuit topper.

The third option is to do away with the boiled egg halves altogether, which are usually such handy vessels for the deviled egg mixture. For this take, you'll mix up a creamy deviled egg spread by focusing your efforts on the flavorful, creamy, and eggy filling. Once you prepare it to your liking, spread it atop a biscuit half. Voila!

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Feeling adventurous? Try some of our most delicious (and out-of-the-box) deviled egg ideas. Smoky Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs, anyone? How about Barbecue Deviled Eggs for lunch? Or Georgia Peach Deviled Eggs? That recipe calls for peaches, country ham, and pecans, plus a touch of Dijon mustard. These variations will keep your guests coming back for more. So try something new—any and all of our deviled egg recipes will be delicious atop a buttery biscuit. It's a combination that's equal parts surprising and crowd-pleasing; your guests won't believe they didn't think of it before.

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