Pass the Fritos!
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Frito Pie CROP
Credit: Southern Living

Once you've had a bowl of really good chili, you finally understand why Texans have always seen it worth some bragging rights. President Lyndon B. Johnson even once said that, "Chili concocted outside of Texas is usually a weak, apologetic imitation of the real thing." Enough said. 

Packed with brisket or ground beef, all the spices, and never a bean in sight (unless you're into that sort of thing), Texas-style chili is simple in ingredients and flawless in execution, especially if you heed their warnings against the pinto bean. To them, if you need to throw in pinto beans, your chili is clearly not up to snuff. 

That's why really good chili is an heirloom of sorts, particularly the beloved recipes that go back decades and can now be found in easy chili kits to be snagged at the farm stand or grocery store. One of those such chili kits belongs to D. L. Jardine's, the Texas-made brand that hocks an old-fashioned sack bag of its unique spice blend, which contains 100 natural chili spices, crushed red peppers, corn masa flour, bell pepper, celery, and ground peppercorns. Add ground beef, a can of tomato sauce, and water? You've got a pot of chili worth your own bragging rights. 

D. L. Jardine's Texas Chili Bag O' Fixins Kit is now part of a limited-edition line that goes along with the brand's modernized version, known as D.L. Jardine's Texas Chili Works. And while both turn out a hot-fire pot of Texas chili, the rustic Bag O' Fixins drawstring sack feels deliciously stuck in time, as if you're cooking over a fire on a cattle ranch in the Lone Star State back in the day. If you really want to get in the spirit, ladle a big helping of your easiest-ever chili over a layer of Fritos. Frito pie, anyone? 

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We're suckers for a comforting bowl of chili. Hot Tip: Make two batches and freeze one for later.