Do Peas Belong In Your Chicken Bog?

Yes, and don't just stop there.

Since Southern Living declared Chicken Bog one of the best dishes to bring to a friend, I've been making the one-pot wonder of comfort food a lot – a lot. And now that making chicken bog is in my regular Sunday recipe rotation, I've been playing with the standard bog recipe. It's become a dependable base for some interesting ingredient experiments. Try them and find out:

Dump In The Peas

Rice based chicken bog may satisfy the insides, but it dulls the eyes. But not when you have chicken bog with green peas. They bring much needed color to the dish and more flavor. Since I don't want to spend any extra time chopping, I use frozen peas (about two handfuls to be scientific). Leave them out to thaw for a bit in water or pop them in the microwave. I add them into the recipe at the same time that I put the chicken stock and parmesan rind in the pot. You won't regret it.

Use More Parsley, Way More!

The recipe only calls for 3 tablespoons of chopped, fresh flat leaf parsley. I do stick with the fresh kind, but I use about two handfuls of chopped parsley adding most of it as I stir in the chicken. Remember to save some parsley for later. A few sprinkles of it really will freshen up that bog you made on Sunday and are eating for Wednesday lunch.

Work In Brussels Sprouts too

Is it even chicken bog anymore after I add in the Brussels sprouts? I'm not exactly sure, but it's too good not to do it. Sure it takes a little extra chopping time and dirtying an extra sheet pan (line it with foil to expedite cleaning). Here's how I do it: I roast my Brussels (425 degrees for about 40 minutes), and then I stir them into the bog at the same time as the chicken. If you try and cook the Brussels with the onion and carrots at the beginning of the recipe, you will end up with a different base flavor that's too unfamiliar for the true bog lovers.

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