This Loaded Hash Brown Casserole Is So Good, I Made It Two Weekends In A Row

The first sentence on the recipe page is: “If smothered and covered came in breakfast casserole form,” so yeah, I was on board from the start.

Deep-Dish Loaded Hash Brown Casserole
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Ahead of a weekend trip with friends, when everyone is deciding what they'll contribute to the fridge, I'm always first to volunteer to bring breakfast. Why? First of all, it's easy to prepare and usually pretty affordable. My foolproof game plan is to buy some Sister Schubert's (it can't all be from-scratch, y'all), toss together a pretty fruit salad, and tack on a homemade egg casserole of some sort. Second, breakfast is always useful and appreciated. After all, it is the most important meal of the day...especially after a late night. And breakfast casseroles are the perfect make-ahead, big-batch dish for the job. As the person in charge of breakfast, instead of waking up to flip pancakes or scramble eggs, I can take out a prepped-and-ready breakfast casserole and pop it in the oven before the entire house is even awake. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find several all-new breakfast casserole recipes recently in Southern Living.

I knew immediately that I'd try this Deep-Dish Loaded Hash Brown Casserole. The first sentence on the recipe page is: "If smothered and covered came in breakfast casserole form," so yeah, I was on board from the start.

As with any recipe, I followed this one exactly on the first try, only adding a bit more bacon because…obviously. It was such a hit with our lake crew that when my alma mater had an 11 a.m. kickoff announced for the following weekend, I was excited to have an opportunity to make it again so soon.

Before our early game day brunch and the Deep-Dish Loaded Hash Brown Casserole's second appearance on our plates, my husband and I decided to make a few tweaks to fit our tastes even better. We added chopped red bell peppers (in with the onions) and instead of all sharp Cheddar, we did a mixture of sharp Cheddar and pepper Jack cheeses. These adjustments gave the casserole even more flavor, and I loved the color the red bell peppers added to the presentation. And yes, we admittedly threw in a little more bacon—this is a judgment-free zone.

Though it's practically perfect as-is, I'm a big condiment fan, especially when it comes to a hash brown. I topped my portion with a few dashes of hot sauce, but a bit of fresh salsa or my Waffle House go-to, ketchup, would taste just as amazing.

Recipe: Deep-Dish Loaded Hash Brown Casserole

Whether you're heading out on a weekend getaway or need a big-batch breakfast to feed hungry tailgaters, add this Deep-Dish Loaded Hash Brown Casserole to your menu for guaranteed happy faces around the table.

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