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Sausage Calzones
| Credit: Greg DuPree

I made the Sausage Calzoes for the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge, and I definitely plan to serve these at our next lake weekend. This is a fairly easy recipe to make and definitely feeds a large group. We each had one calzone served with just a side and everyone was full. And happy.

Sausage Calzones
"Those sure do smell good."
| Credit: @tkilgore26


Watch the salt. Depending on the sausage, this recipe can end up being a little salty. I suggest waiting until the meat has fully cooked through at the end of step 3, and then salt to taste. We used sausage from a deli that had already been well seasoned so the calzones were almost a little too salty for our taste.

Be patient. This recipe taught me to have patience with dough. The meat preparation is simple and quick, however, rolling out the dough takes some practice. Keep your surface lightly floured at all times and make sure you clear plenty of counterspace for assembling the calzones.

Sausage Calzones
Credit: @tkilgore26


Oops, don't make my mistake. Avoid moving the calzones around on the parchment paper. If they end up being a little too far apart on the paper to fit in the baking pan (like mine did!), trim them out and put them in the pan on individual pieces of parchment.