Wow. Just wow.
Sautéed Apple Crisp
Credit: Greg DuPree

For the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge, I made the Sautéed Apple Crisp. This crisp had a great flavor, and didn't have the ‘mushy' factor that other crisps sometimes have. The apples themselves brought a ton of sweetness to the dish, and the recipe only took about ten minutes to prepare. The process happened very quickly, especially having prepared it in a cast iron skillet, so it would have been really helpful to have all of the ingredients ready and measured out beforehand (I was running to the cupboard hoping that the apples wouldn't burn). Using cast iron cooked the apples evenly, and gave a nice depth of flavor to the sauce. Although the recipe said that it served four people, I think that only using two apples really only allowed for two servings. I would throw in an extra large apple or two if hoping to serve to company (or, use very small bowls).

Adding apple cider to this recipe really enhanced the flavor. Using pre-made granola (I used Bear Naked Maple-icious Pecan) made this super simple to pull together. This brand had some whole pralines, which made it feel like more of a dessert than a breakfast cereal. If you really wanted to cut down on time, you could keep the skins on the apples or used pre-cut to minimize clean up. I served Sautéed Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream to rave reviews—the subtle flavor of the ice cream actually cuts the sweetness of the dessert. The only suggestion that my taste-testers made was that the amount of brown sugar could be cut down, considering the sweetness of the apples, cider, and granola. I think this recipe would also work well with Golden Delicious apples, since they're a little less sweet. It could also be made as a sautéed pear crisp, which would be especially good in season.

This recipe taught me that a warm, fresh dessert doesn't have to take more than ten or fifteen minutes to prepare. I definitely plan on keeping this recipe and preparing next fall with fresh apples from our local orchard. I think it would make an awesome holiday dessert recipe, maybe as a quick alternative to apple pie for Thanksgiving.