Pineapple Pudding

It might not be the first flavor that enters your mind when you think about making pudding, but we're convinced it should be. Southerners take their dessert dishes very seriously, and because of that, we rarely venture outside our tried-and-tested sweets. After all, it's tough to beat Mama's beloved Hummingbird Cake, but we're here to tell you that pineapple pudding could give all other desserts a run for their money.

WATCH: Ambrosia Pudding Pie

The refreshingly sweet flavor of the crushed pineapples perfectly pairs with the homemade custard – creating an addictive and uniquely desirable dish. Like in banana pudding, the pineapples provide a similar consistency, and the sugary taste is the best way to finish a meal. Want to know the best part? While pineapple pudding lends itself to a beautiful presentation and gourmet flavor, it's still incredibly easy to make.

This recipe from Southern Plate is an impeccable choice for anyone making pineapple pudding for the first time. It has very few ingredients and barely any hands-on time. Let's be honest, a stress-free dish is almost as essential as the final product – especially when you're cooking for a crowd. As if homemade pudding wasn't enough, this treat is complete with a vanilla wafer base and a dangerously delicious meringue topping. Great for adults and kids alike, this dish deserves a place on any celebratory table: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or holidays. Not convinced? This decadent dessert is a go-to make-ahead dish; it saves beautifully too. Give this treat a try, and let us know what you think! Although, we're positive you're going to fall head over heels for this fruity delight.