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what is slab pie
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A slab pie is simply a pie that's been sized up to fit inside a rectangular pan. When cut into squares, a slab pie can feed 12 to 20 people—making it a fun alternative to the usual sheet cake at parties and large gatherings. And like a sheet cake, slab pies are easy to transport (just wrap the pan with aluminum foil) and serve and taste great warm, chilled, or at room temperature.

Best of all, slab pies can be pretty much whatever you want them to be—single or double-crust, crumb-topped, topped with a lattice or pie dough cut outs, fruity or chocolate-y. The crust and filling combinations are endless. They can even be savory!

Watch: Cutting a Refrigerated Pie Crust

Summer is prime time for berry and stone fruit pies and cool, creamy refrigerator pies. Fall is the best time to make apple, pecan and pumpkin slab pies, and winter is the perfect season to make a cozy chicken pot pie in a sheet pan.

Even if you've never made a regular pie, you can make a slab pie. Start with refrigerated pie dough if you're new to dough-making. Or if you'd prefer to make your own dough from scratch, you can use your favorite pie crust recipe. For a single-crust slab pie, you'll need to prepare two and a half batches of regular single-crust pie dough. For a double-crust slab pie, prepare 3 batches of regular double-crust pie dough.

Another slab pie tip: If you are filling the pie crust with a liquid filling like a custard, don't do this step on your countertop then try to transfer the filled crust to the oven. To prevent burns and spills pour the filling into a liquid measuring cup, place the crust on the oven rack (with the oven door open), then pour the filling into the crust.