Snag one now for $6.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond.
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Pyrex Pie Plate
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We can't predict the future. But for this upcoming holiday season there's one thing we're quite sure of: There will be pie. Lots and lots of pies. It may only be October but we've already adopted the mantra "when in doubt, just add pie," and we don't see us shying away from that adage anytime soon.

But as many avid home bakers know, a good pie plate can be the difference between the sweetest smile gracing our lips when we open up the oven and a mini meltdown that has us beelining to the freezer for a salvation scoop of ice cream. Thankfully, you can have a winning pie pretty much every time with the right ingredients and bakeware, and it doesn't get much better than Pyrex when it comes to incredible cooking accessories. That's why we were so excited when we recently saw an article from The Kitchn titled "The Bestselling Pie Pan on Amazon Has More than 2,000 Five-Star Reviews," spotlighting the Pyrex 9.5-inch pie plate.

While it's currently out of stock on Amazon, we did some sleuthing and found out that you can buy the Pyrex 9.5-inch pie plate for $5.99 on Bed Bath & Beyond's website here. So what makes this pie plate so remarkable? In addition to being made of non-porous glass that won't absorb stains or odors, the glass is safe for your pre-heated oven, making it the ideal vessel for oven-to-table serving (it's also microwave-, fridge-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe).

Just like Amazon, the praises on Bed Bath & Beyond's comments section are also sung loudly, with glowing reviews of the Pyrex pie plate ranging from "I have been raised to love Pyrex by my mother and grandmother. Per usual, this pie plate did not disappoint. I love the wide edge so I can make a decorative edge on the crust or have a little extra room so my pie doesn't overflow," to "this pie plate from Pyrex is the perfect pie plate. It is gorgeous, I love the color. And the design is simple yet elegant and looks great with any pie or any other dish that you want to use it for." Currently, it has 140 five-star reviews with an overall rating of 4.6 stars.

One humorous Southerner even chimed in with a sweet story straight from her kitchen to our heartstrings: "Ok.... so, I'm from the South but I now live in the Southwest where everything comes wrapped in a tortilla and served with jalapeños, which is very tasty by the way, but the other day I had a serious craving for a homemade southern pecan pie. I found my mom's recipe but didn't have a pie plate," wrote reviewer AZVol. "Brilliant. Started looking for one but I was not about to spend $40 for a plate, so I found this Pyrex for under $7. Worked great. Ate the whole pie in less than 30 [hours]. Probably not a good thing, but it was fantastic."

Something tells us we'll be eating a whole pie in less than 30 hours, too, as soon as we get our hands on this dish.