The Secret to the Publix Key Lime Pie

We can't get enough of this cool and creamy dessert.

Publix Key Lime Pie
Photo: Courtesy of Publix

Summertime get-togethers are ever so much sweeter when they end with a slice of Key lime pie. Cool and creamy and so satisfyingly tart, a good Key lime pie is a warm-weather gift to savor. (It's also the easiest way to transport yourself to the Florida Keys.) Our store-bought Key lime pie of choice? The Publix version, of course.

Over the years, we've enjoyed many a slice of Publix Key lime pie, and we've come to the conclusion that one inspired addition makes this Key lime pie better than the rest. What's the secret? It's right there, front and center—or, actually, it's scattered around the outer edge of the graham cracker crust. The secret to this particular pie is the sprinkling of hand-crushed, toasted almonds embellishing the circumference of the pie.

The light nuttiness of toasted almonds complements the tartness of the pie and the sweetness of the whipped topping. The almonds add a dose of crunch to the creamy texture and the flavor plays well with the classic graham cracker crust. Crushed almonds are always a slightly unexpected but altogether seamless addition to this particular recipe.

The next time you're rushing to a party, pick up a Publix Key lime pie, and it'll be the hit of the dessert table. (Psst…you can also get it in a half-size portion.)

WATCH: How To Make Heavenly Key Lime Pie

However, if you have plenty of time and would rather prepare your own, whip up one of our go-to recipes for a classic pie or these as-cute-as-they-are-delicious Mini Coconut-Key Lime Pies. You can channel Publix by adding a sprinkling of almond slivers around the edges. Happy Key lime pie season! (If you're curious, also be sure to check out this dispatch from our Food Editor: What a Floridian Never Puts in Key Lime Pie.)

What's in your go-to Key lime pie recipe? Would you consider adding almonds to your classic recipe?

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