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This $5 Ceramic Pie Bird Is a Must for Baking Enthusiasts

No more soggy crusts.
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Maybe you've made pie more than usual in the past year. Perhaps the long hours spent at home during the coronavirus pandemic means you learned how to make pies for the first time. Or, you may even feel that you've made so many pies this year you feel you've earned an honorary degree in pastry arts.

Well, wherever you fall on the pie-baking spectrum, we're about to shake up your pie game for the better: it's time to befriend the humble but oh-so-helpful pie bird. Not familiar with the pie bird? A pie bird helps ensure your pie is baked to perfection — we're talking double-crust pies here, or those with pie crust on both the bottom and the top — by allowing it to vent properly in the oven. To use, you put the darling little bird-like figure in the center of your pie, add your filling around it, and put on your top layer of pie crust. The nifty gadget works by helping the steam escape from your pie, so you don't wind up with a soggy pie crust.

For a little over $5, you can have the Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird (Buy It: $5.12; Amazon.com) that's equal parts cute and functional with an average rating of 4.8 stars and the "Amazon's Choice" designation. As one happy customer put it, "Not only is this pie bird cute as heck when the finished pie comes out of the oven, but it delivers what it promises: a well-cooked bottom crust. Makes for a fabulous conversation piece as well, as most people have never heard of a pie bird."

Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird
Credit: Courtesy Amazon.com

Personally, we're all for starting a pie bird revolution. One homemade pie and avian accouterment at a time.

Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird
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