Disney World Just Shared Their Amazing Apple Pie Recipe and We're So Excited to Bake It at Home

Here's the recipe from the Whispering Canyon Café at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge—dessert will never be the same.

Photo: Walt Disney World

It's summer. It's hot. Very, very hot. Nothing sounds better than pie and ice cream, right? Well, we can think of one thing: A spectacular apple pie recipe courtesy of Whispering Canyon Café at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. You may have missed the boat on making this patriotic pie for the Fourth of July, but we assure you, with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream this pie from the Most Magical Place on Earth hits the spot whenever a sweets craving hits.

As the Disney Parks Blog recently reported, Americans really love their apple pie, with one in five Americans selecting apple pie as their favorite, according to the American Pie Council. (On a related note, the American Pie Council also says that one in five Americans have admitted to eating an entire pie by themselves. We're raising our hands, friends.)

This recipe may be comprised of several steps but it comes together fairly simply, and is something even amateur bakers can easily pull off. With a hint of tartness from Granny Smith Apples balancing out the sweetness from sugar and heavy cream, this recipe may fast become you and your loved ones' absolute favorite in the pies department. Don't even get us started on the perfectly flaky, buttery crust. And, mmmmm, we can smell that puff of apple pie spice lingering in your kitchen's air from here.

Perhaps best of all, though many of us have had to cancel upcoming Disney plans in light of the coronavirus outbreak, baking the pie is a fun way of bringing a bit of the Disney fun into your home. Plus, baking is always a fun activity to get the kids involved, and maybe practice some math. Get the full recipe for Whispering Canyon Café at Disney's Wilderness Lodge apple pie.

Hungry for more Disney delights? These days, we've also been loving frying up their famous churros. Until that wonderful day comes when we are reunited with Dole Whip and Dumbo rides, we think the sugar rush from the churros and this apple pie will tide us over.

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