The Sneaky Truth About My Family's Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe

A holiday confection confession.

Mint Oreo Balls
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Family recipes are an essential part of Thanksgiving. We look forward to digging into these dishes all year long, even to the point where they become synonymous with the holiday itself. And the recipe holder becomes just as legendary as the recipe. That's not just a casserole; That's Auntie's casserole.

But, isn't it funny how the most famous family recipes sometimes come from the most unassuming places? There's nothing like finding out that great grandma's beloved signature dressing recipe actually originated on the back of a cracker box. So is the case with my mom's Mint Oreo Truffles that are consistently the star of the Thanksgiving dessert sideboard.

When we arrive at Thanksgiving, my immediate family and I are greeted with the usual questions. "How are you?" "How was the drive?" But with pleasantries out of the way, all eyes turn to my mom. "Did you bring the Oreo balls?" Of course she did.

All Thanksgiving, everyone in attendance eyes the conspicuously green-drizzled cookie balls, strategically saving room for dessert, and waiting for the appropriate time to claim one or two (or three) truffles for ourselves. They're a family delicacy at this point.

Well, I'm so sorry to say dear cousins, but this recipe too comes from the back of a box—or rather, a pack of Oreos.

That doesn't make them any less tasty, but certainly does give you pause to learn that what you assumed was a family recipe in fact, is not, and is really rather generic. Granted, my mom's version has been doctored up. Rather than the original cream-filled cookie flavor, my mom opts for mint Oreos. This recipe can also be made with any flavor of Oreo, but take it from my family that mint is a winner!

Recipe: Mint Oreo Truffles

This sneaky recipe is hiding another secret, though: It's frightfully easy to make. This no-bake recipe asks for just 15 minutes of active time, meaning that this legendary family recipe is low in time and effort, but high in reward. My mom starts by putting the mint cookies into a food processor and pulsing them into a fine grind, then mixing in cream cheese for a cheesecake-like texture. The mixture is then scooped into balls, coated with melted chocolate, and decorated with a drizzle of bright green chocolate. Sometimes, she plays with her decoration technique and uses green candy melts or white chocolate as the coating and chocolate drizzle or green sprinkles on top. Finally, into the refrigerator they go.

For years, she has repeated this process and for years, my cousins and extended family have pounced on these truffles until there's none left. Their secret may be out, but their family legacy is far from tarnished. Their torrid past will be something that we laugh about over Mint Oreo Truffles for Thanksgivings to come.

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