Be still our Mississippi Mud Pie loving hearts.

Oreo cookies
Oreo cookies.
| Credit: Mandel Ngan via Getty Images

Goodness gracious, what will Mama say when she finds out? Just when we thought dessert couldn't get any sweeter, we spot the latest–quite possibly greatest–news on one of our late-night Instagram scrolling frenzies. According to Candyhunting, Oreo will be turning our beloved Mississippi Mud Pie into a limited-time cookie. Imagine the richest, darkest, most decadent chocolate dessert you've ever eaten as a one-bite-and-you're-done cookie. Creamy milk chocolate and a whipped marshmallow-like filling stuffed between two chocolate cookies. Sounds pretty darn delicious, right? If the rumors are true (fingers crossed), then these snacks will be on shelves just in-time for Memorial Day. So if you're the one planning the weekend at the lake or the annual family reunion, make sure there are a few packs of these at the summer festivities…next to the icebox cakes, of course.

The real question we have: Can a cookie ever replace one of our all-time favorite summer desserts? Absolutely not. But it might be an oh-so-delicious snack on the side.