The New Jeni's Ice Cream Flavor Is Called Sunshine, and It Lives Up To Its Name

There's a trick to this delicious new flavor, and it'll brighten your day.

Jeni's Ice Cream
Photo: Courtesy Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has a new flavor, and it's sunshine on a spoon. The new summer-ready flavor is called—you guessed it—"Sunshine," and it couldn't arrive at a more perfect time. Jeni's describes the new flavor as "sun-kissed lemon and sweet-tart tangerine with radiant passion fruit. Tastes like sunshine on a cloudy day." But take a look—there's a trick to this new flavor. Notice anything different about Sunshine?

It's grey! The new ice cream doesn't look very sunny, like we'd guess from its name. According to Jeni's, "Sunshine ice cream is a play on the mind. Muted gray as a rain cloud, but tastes like a ray of sunshine on your tongue. A geyser of sunny citrus and tropical fruit. A one-two punch of lemon and passion fruit with an uppercut of sweet tangerine. And a texture so bouncy it practically dances. Sunshine ice cream is a pleasant reminder that the sun always shines again."

Of the origins of Sunshine, Jeni's says, "When we were creating this flavor earlier this year, inspired by Depressed Cake Shop and in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we had no inkling this is what the world would look like. We thought about not releasing it, but then realized that while the world has changed, the message is still the same. That when gray clouds descend on our lives, the sun always shines again." It's a sweet reminder that there's a silver lining to even the cloudiest days.

We love Jeni's ice creams because of their taste, of course, but also because of their short ingredients list. This one is gluten free and delicious. It's ready for summer adventures, just like you. There's no better time for a scoop of ice cream, which always makes us feel better. That's part of Jeni's mission, which they sum up in a way we can really get behind: "We like to make people feel good."

You can learn more about Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams and order a pint of Sunshine at You can find it there for $12 a pint. Couldn't we all use some sunshine on a spoon?

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What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Will you pick up a pint of Sunshine to brighten up your day?

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