How to Order Dairy Queen's Vintage Jack & Jill Sundae from the 1960s

Soft serve enthusiasts will adore this simple but satisfying treat.

Dairy Queen
Photo: Joe Sohm / Visions of America

Grabbing a cheeseburger and dish of soft serve at a local Dairy Queen is about as classic Americana as it gets. The first of the retro fast-food chain opened along old Route 66 in 1940, but today there are thousands across the globe.

Most people associate Dairy Queen with the beloved Blizzard—and for good reason. It comes in a gazillion different flavors. It's cold, creamy, and delicious. And it's served upside down, for goodness' sake! But did you know there was a time when you couldn't order a Blizzard at DQ? That's right, Blizzards didn't come on the scene until 1985, which means there are more than four decades of Dairy Queen treats who walked so the Blizzard could run.

One of those trailblazing treats is the Jack & Jill Sundae from the 1960s. In its heyday, it was an order as common as an Oreo or M&M Blizzard. But today, you might be hard pressed to find an employee who knows how to make one.

So, what exactly is a Jack & Jill Sundae? The recipe is actually quite simple. One dish of vanilla soft serve, a cascade of hot fudge on one side, a pump of marshmallow crème on the other, and voila! Your Jack & Jill is served!

TikTok user @dqshelbytwpmi, who has worked at Dairy Queen for more than a decade, shared the secret menu item with her followers after a customer requested the throwback treat. The video now has more than 4.5 million likes, so we wouldn't be surprised if Dairy Queen starts getting a lot more requests for the once-forgotten dessert soon!

Pro tip: the Dairy Queen "secret menu" isn't as secret as you might think. The folks at DQ took a lesson from Burger King and allow you to "have it your way"—as long as you can provide them with the recipe for your creation.

We recommend the Peanut Butter Parfait (sundae with hot fudge and crunchy peanuts) or Coffee Blizzard (Oreo or Vanilla Blizzard with coffee syrup), if you want to get your toes wet ordering off menu. When you're ready to level up, the Butterbeer Blizzard (vanilla soft serve, butterscotch, and Butterfinger) is well, magical.

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We might just be switching up our regular DQ order to take the Jack & Jill Sundae for a spin. Would you try this blast from soft serve past?

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