Chef Liz Rogers Tells Southern Family Tales Through Her Ice Cream Brand, Creamalicious

“Creamalicious is about four generations of family-owned recipes, baked from scratch in their entirety, and they’re intertwined in a super-premium ice cream base.”

Liz Rogers Creamalicious Ice Cream Line
Photo: Courtesy of Chef Liz Rogers

As Memorial Day approaches, we are all running towards the warm, sunshine-filled days of summer. This year, perhaps even more so than ever before as we seem to be coming out of the confines of the pandemic, little by little, and what says summer better than ice cream? We have a very special brand to introduce you to that should now become a staple in your freezer this season.

Chef Liz Rogers may live in Ohio, but her origins and culinary influence are distinctly Southern. The executive chef and restauranteur can trace the influences on her cooking right down South.

"I'm actually from Cleveland, Ohio, but my aunt and a lot of my relatives are from different parts of the south… {I have} really deep southern roots and really that's what grew up eating is Southern food," she told Southern Living in a recent phone call.

Rogers has drawn on that influence and the memories of learning to bake desserts from her grandmother in a cast iron skillet that has passed down generation to generation for years and now to her, to create her own brand.

"Creamalicious is about four generations of family-owned recipes, baked from scratch in their entirety, and they're intertwined in a super-premium ice cream base. So, it's a very high quality, very creamy, 13% butter fat ice cream that's very decadent, very indulgent."

So yes, the flavors for each ice cream not only represent classic desserts, but they also contain them. Completely. The Porch Light Peach Cobbler has a base of thicky, luscious cream speckled with cinnamon and nutmeg with roasted peaches and pieces of buttery, flakey, like your mama made it, bites of crust folded inside. The Thick As Thieves Pecan Pie is just outrageously delicious. It truly feels like you sliced a piece of the very best pie you can find and threw it in a gentle blender with a pecan ice cream that whipped the two together in a loving hug. Seriously, get some of this immediately.

But Rogers also told us that it isn't just all about the flavor. That she hopes she's also telling a story with each pint. "It talks about real people. It talks about real things. It just represented family and it represented love and history and culture," she explained. Each flavor represents so much more than the ingredients that it contains.

"The red velvet cake literally was a celebration cake, it's what African Americans ate to celebrate their freedoms. We talk about the porch light peach cobbler and its very symbolic to 'the light is always on.' If you saw that light on someone's porch it just means welcome…This house is safe."

To find out each of the backstories of each flavor, you can purchase Creamalicious either online or at select Walmart locations, Schnucks, Meijer, and Rogers hopes more supermarkets will follow. If you don't see it in your store, ask them to start carrying it. This is how Chef Rogers' dream will grow, one scoop at a time. She is, as she told us, "one of the first African American ice cream manufacturers in the world and as of today, the only one in mass production."

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But she hopes she will encourage others to follow her path. As she says, "there's a dream in every scoop. I always say that because right there in that pint, I want people to be a part of my dream. They are a part of my dream. That as an entrepreneur I can't change the world but I can make ripples in the pond and I can touch someone. And honestly if I can touch someone and then they can make ripples further than I can and then they can make ripples and then they can touch someone and the same thing."

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