Ready your spoons!


Blue Bell's Milk & Cookies flavor is back, y'all!

Milk & Cookies, which boasts a delicious vanilla ice cream combined with chocolate chip cookies, is beloved by cookie monsters of all ages. Now, the Texas creamery has finally returned the crave-worthy dessert to store shelves.

Blue Bell Milk and Cookies Ice Cream
Credit: Blue Bell

"It's a simple idea of mixing two snack time favorites," Carl Breed, general sales manager for Blue Bell, said in a news release. "However, the flavor is anything but simple. Take one bite and it tastes just like dipping a chocolate chip cookie into a glass of milk. The vanilla ice cream has a fresh milk flavor, and the chocolate chip cookies are the perfect addition. Milk & Cookies Ice Cream is the go-to snack for many ice cream fans."

Milk & Cookies Ice Cream is now available in the half gallon size, but only for a limited time.

Get it while it's hot… er, cold!