Dairy Queen Just Gave Its Classic Dipped Cone a Nostalgic Fruity Makeover

Get it while you can.

Dairy Queen Fruity Blast Dipped Cone
Photo: Courtesy Dairy Queen

For many people who grew up in the South, it was a special day when, thanks to your mother's unexpected generosity on a hot day, you were allowed to get ice cream—especially the classic dipped cone from Dairy Queen. To this day, nothing quite compares to the ultra-sweet, quick-to-melt vanilla soft-serve ice cream coated in a crispy shell of hardened liquid chocolate all balanced on top of a crunchy cake cone. It was an icon of summertime fun. A legend of the post-beach cooldown. Pure nostalgia, dripping right down onto your sweaty hands.

The Dairy Queen Dipped Cone is simple, accessible, and always there to put a smile on a child's face. That's why no matter how many quirky and over-the-top flavors of the popular Blizzard that the brand comes up with, there will always be a legion of traditionalists who go for the dipped cone every time. However, that doesn't mean the classic treat can't have a little fun.

Recently, Dairy Queen released a limited-edition new flavor of Dipped Cone that will stir up its own nostalgia, while also putting a colorful twist on an old favorite. The Fruity Blast Dipped Cone features a hardened purple shell that's inspired by the sugary, fruity cereals of many people's childhood, such as Trix and Fruity Pebbles, making this seasonal offering a "blast" from the past. Get it?

The other components of the Fruity Blast Dipped Cone—the vanilla soft-serve ice cream and cake cone—remain the same, while the outer shell consists of a fruity cereal-flavored cone dip. Together with the vanilla sweetness of the ice cream, the dipped cone tastes perfectly reminiscent of cereal milk. The special launch is available for a limited time (though the company has not specified for how long), and it can be found at participating locations. Though, according to customer comments on social media, it has been easy to find at many locations.

There's no telling if the Fruity Blast Dipped Cone will be here for long, so it's best to grab the nostalgic treat and bring back memories of eating fruit cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons while you can. Ah, simpler times.

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