There Are Cupcake ATMs Sprinkled Throughout the South and You Need To Make a Visit

It's time to make a delicious withdrawal.

Ever wish you could just press a button and a cupcake would appear? Well, in a few Southern cities, that wish has come deliciously true. Sprinkles Cupcakes, a source of sweet swirled cupcakes as well as cookies, brownies, ice cream, and layer cakes, has created the ATM of our dreams, and it's one that dispenses not money, but cupcakes.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATMs were introduced in 2012 and, while full-service Sprinkles bakeries are a treat to visit, these ATMs provide access to their goodies all day, every day. Sprinkles says, "For Sprinkles addicts on the go, the Cupcake ATM is restocked daily, and throughout the day, with a variety of freshly baked cupcakes and cookies. Enjoy Sprinkles 24/7!"

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM
Courtesy of Sprinkles Cupcakes

If you're a cupcake fan whose cravings hit after business hours, these cotton candy pink ATMs will appeal to you and will satisfy your sweet tooth at all hours. They stock an assortment of cupcake flavors; some of Sprinkles' most popular varieties include red velvet, dark chocolate, sprinkle, vanilla, black and white, banana, strawberry, salty caramel, and carrot. Gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan options are also available. Their cupcakes can be identified by the generous layer of frosting plus the telltale bright candy dot on top.

Sprinkles got its start in Beverly Hills in 2005. Today, the company operates 36 Sprinkles bakeries across the country. Sprinkles ATMs can be found throughout the U.S., including in a few Southern states, namely in Texas, Florida, and D.C. Cupcake ATMs are located in Disney Springs, Tampa, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Plano, and Washington, D.C. Check the Sprinkles map here to see if there's a cupcake ATM located near you, and plan a sweet trip soon.

Have you ever visited a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM? What's your go-to source for cupcakes and other sweet treats?

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