What do you say?
Valentine's Day Cookies
Valentine's Day cookies.
| Credit: eli_asenova via Getty Images

We've all got our opinions—especially when it comes to food. And normally, people don't pay too much attention to each other's culinary tastes. "Different strokes for different folks," mama would say.

But every once in a while, a conversation on a food so divisive begins that we have no choice but to take sides.

This is exactly what happened recently when one Twitter user slammed the packages of generic cookies that pop up in grocery stores around Valentine's Day. Let's just say she's not a fan of the pink frosted sugar cookies most of us associate with the holiday. It didn't take long before throngs of people came to the defense of the seasonal treats — while others defended her stance that they're nothing special.

The whole thing reminds us a lot of the whole refrigerate-or-not-to-refrigerate ketchup feud that recently rocked the Internet. So what do you think? Are these cookies a dessert staple or an abomination? Either way, we can at least all agree that they're deliciously nostalgic, right?