If a passion for peanut butter is genetic, I inherited mine from my dad. I have sweet memories of making peanut butter cookies as a kid, helping to roll them into balls and pressing the fork down to get those signature marks. The kitchen would fill with such a comforting scent while I waited to eat them warm from the oven with a glass of milk.

This recipe, Easiest Peanut Butter Cookies, is great for any occasion, particularly for a cookie swap. Sure, there are more dramatic sweets that appear at holiday swaps, but someone has to make the all-time favorites. The humble peanut butter cookie serves as a welcome palate cleanser between bites of peppermint, spice, and other frosted treats.

The recipe name itself is a selling point, as time is often in short supply, and because I'm pretty sure I could survive solely on peanut butter. The ingredient list includes only FOUR pantry staples. Sold! These truly are easy to make, and I discovered some tips to make the process even simpler. To make ahead, prepare the dough and spread onto a parchment paper sheet. Roll into a log, twist both ends closed, and refrigerate. When it's time to bake, let the log come to room temperate while the oven preheats. Unroll the parchment paper from the log, and place parchment on the baking sheet to prevent sticking. Proceed with the recipe, rolling the dough into balls. Be sure to stick to the 1-inch ball suggestion—if made much bigger, the cookies crumble. Let the baking sheet cool on a wire rack for 10-15 minutes before removing cookies with a spatula. Then just try not to eat them all before the cookie swap!