These Brownie Cookies Were So Easy, I Made Two Batches In One Night

Go ahead and plan to do the same.

Brownie Cookies
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Southern cooks know that if you're sent home from a dinner party with leftovers, you must return the container you were sent with—full, of course, with something homemade from your own kitchen. Recently, I not only had an empty container to give back to a friend, but I had a separate household to thank for dog sitting. A day-making dessert was clearly needed in both cases.

I wanted to make a homemade sweet with an ingredient list that wouldn't require too big of a grocery bill. Plus, I needed a quick recipe to squeeze in after a Sunday of meal prepping. I came across these Brownie Cookies and knew they were exactly what I needed.

With just five ingredients and one bowl, these fudgy cookies come together easier than any baking project I've ever tried. The secret? These cookies start with a box of store-bought brownie mix. Stir that together with melted butter, one egg, chocolate baking chunks, and toasted walnuts, and you've got two baking sheets full of oh-so-decadent chocolate cookies. Like a brownie, they're crispy on the edges but soft on the inside. Obviously, my husband and I had to perform the painstaking task of taste testing these Brownie Cookies to be sure we weren't poisoning our friends. After doing so, we decided we simply must bake another batch to ensure each of our friends received plenty of cookies (and possibly to secure some leftovers for ourselves). Since all we had to do was stir, pour, and bake, it took barely any time or effort to whip up round two of these Brownie Cookies.

My husband usually doesn't love nuts in chocolate desserts since he prefers to focus solely on the chocolate. But he specifically mentioned how much flavor and texture the toasted walnuts added to these cookies, so don't leave them out (if there are no allergies to consider, of course). Our friends raved about these rich Brownie Cookies, and I know your family will, too.

Recipe: Brownie Cookies

A tip from the Test Kitchen: Don't skip the freezing step. This is crucial in keeping the centers gooey and preventing too much spreading. Plus, if you're ever in need of a last-minute sweet gift like I was, you can keep a batch of batter in the freezer for up to a month. Freeze the individual scoops until solid, package them together in a zip-top bag, and take out the number of cookies you want to bake when your sweet tooth strikes.

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