Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies Prove Everything Really is Bigger in Texas

When I stumbled upon this delicious recipe, I knew I had met my soul cookie.

I'm a big fan of the everything bite. Why settle for peanut butter, M&M, or funfetti cookies when you could have a combination of all three? Simplicity is not key where my ideal cookies are concerned. I want it all – a heaping helping of butter, a dash of nutmeg, a cup of chopped almonds, and any other ingredient that'll take the confection from basic to slap-ya-mama delicious.

Cowboy Cookies
Southern Living

When I stumbled upon the Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies, I knew I had met my metaphorical match. I work on the video team here at Southern Living magazine, which means I often get to plan and produce videos where we make delicious Southern recipes. Tough job, I know. The Cowboy Cookie made its debut on a particularly delicious day. Orange rolls, buttermilk biscuits, and baklava cheesecake were on the lineup. I remember noticing the absolutely scrumptious smell coming from the oven long before I took my first bite (I always do a bit of quality control on video shoots . . . you know, for research). Hints of aromatic cinnamon, rich chocolate, and toasted coconut flooded my senses, and I knew I was about to taste something truly remarkable.

Laura Bush got it right. Since that day in the studio, Cowboy Cookies have been my favorite recipe. It's no surprise they won the political bake-off in 2000 at the Texas Governor's House. Packed with a long list of tasty ingredients like chopped pecans, brown sugar, rolled oats, and of course, chocolate chips, this cookie offers the everything bite I've always wanted. But here's what you need to keep in mind when making the recipe: everything really is bigger in Texas.

Unless you're planning to feed a small army, I would suggest cutting the recipe in half, or even a fourth. It's a massive batch that makes 24 gigantic cookies. Every time I make the recipe, the dough inevitably pours over the sides of my KitchenAid Mixer. The everything bite comes at a price, and the price is more dough than you'll know what to do with. Freezing half the batter instead of baking it all at once is another great option. You'll have pre-made dough ready to go when the hectic holidays hit. The Texans are on to something! Cowboy Cookies deserve a spot on your table this year.

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