Next time you're driving through Birmingham, Alabama, be sure to make a stop at Cookie Fix. Amy Jason, owner of the charming bakery, first recognized her love for cookies when she was very young. Helping her mom in the kitchen as a child sparked a passion in Amy for all things sweet.

Years later, when the Birmingham native became a wife and mother, cookies became her go-to treat. They were easy to make and her recipe was absolutely delicious. Amy's cookies became a local sensation at every Bible study, supper club, PTA meeting, tailgate, and family gathering. It didn't take long for folks to start pushing her to turn the delicious treats into a business.

It took several years of planning and one final nudge from her youngest son to finally open her bakery, Cookie Fix, and Birmingham locals can't get enough! Of course, Amy makes it clear that she could have never done it on her own. She owes her success to family, friends, and, more than anything – faith. She says that the Lord has been present in every step of her Cookie Fix journey, even sending her the perfect employees to keep the business running.

Today, Cookie Fix has over 60 delicious flavors and a seasonally rotating menu. With beloved ingredients like toffee, caramel, espresso, peanut butter, and chocolate, the hot-out-the-oven cookies are absolutely scrumptious.

What makes Cookie Fix so unique? It's the dough-to-go option! Amy and her team pre-make cookie dough for folks to pick up and bake at home. It's the perfect option for when you get those late night cravings. Amy's favorite flavor has always been the Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chunk, but we think the White Chocolate Brown Sugar Blondie takes the cake! Whatever your go-to cookie flavor is, be sure to give Cookie Fix a try.