Step up your cookie baking with these kitchen equipment additions.
5-Ingredient Sugar Cookies
Credit: Photo: Hector Sanchez

Now that you've learned the cookie baking basics and gathered all the usual baking tools, here is a list of our favorite additional equipment to take your cookies to the next level.

Mixer (Stand and Hand)
A heavy-duty stand mixer allows for hands-off mixing, comes with a variety of attachments, and is great for making dough. Turn to the trusty hand mixer for a light-duty alternative.

Food Processor
This tool makes tedious tasks like chopping, slicing, and shredding a snap. Look for a machine with a large feed tube and sturdy, sharp blades.

Pastry Bags and Tips
For applying frosting, creating decorative flourishes, and piping egg whites for meringues, look for an array of tips and disposable bags for easy cleanup.

Pastry Cutter
Similar to a pizza cutter, but with a much smaller wheel, pastry cutters come with smooth or fluted edges for decorative scalloped cuts.

This handheld cup with a perforated top allows for a fine dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa on cookies before or after baking.

Squirt Bottles
Often used for condiments, plastic bottles with a narrow spout are great for piping hot caramel or chocolate and make decorating and cleanup a breeze.

Silicone Mat
These handy baking mats take away the need for parchment, wax paper, oil, or grease for baking pans. They are safe to heat up to oven temperatures of 475°F.

Citrus Zester
A fine rasp-style grater is a multipurpose tool for grating everything from ginger to nutmeg and makes fine, frilly shavings of zest for accenting baked goods.

Spice Grinder
A small electric spice or coffee bean grinder allows you to grind whole spices as needed. Whole spices have a longer shelf life than ground spices and can be ground to yield just what you need for a recipe.

Citrus Reamer
When lots of fresh citrus juice is required for a recipe, a ribbed wooden or upright glass reamer allows you to extract the most juice with just a twist of the wrist.

Heavy Saucepan
Designed for melting sugar or candy-making, a heavy-duty saucepan is key. Stainless steel is both nonreactive and light enough inside to make it easy to gauge when sugar has reached caramel-colored perfection.

Double Boiler
Great for gently heating sauces or melting chocolate, a double boiler is worth the investment. You can improvise with a stainless steel mixing bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water.

Madeleine Pan or Ladyfinger Pans
There seems to be a pan for everything, and the options make baking fun. Nonstick madeleine and ladyfinger pans are two great ones to add to the baker's kitchen.

Cookie Molds, Presses, And Stamps
Create detailed and intricately designed cookies with these specialty cookie-baking tools.

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