We Found The Secret To Perfectly Baked Cookies

And it's easier than you think.

Toasted Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez

There's nothing worse than opening the oven to find freshly charred cookies. That's especially true you've got a weekend's worth of bake sale prep in your sights. Sure, you might blame it on a new recipe or that temperamental old oven, but consistently burnt baked goods is a culinary crisis worth investigating.

If you've double-checked your cooking time, temperature, and cookie recipe but are still stumped by burnt batches, don't be disheartened. Your cookie sheet may be the culprit.

The surface you're using to bake your sweets makes more of a difference than you may realize. The secret to perfectly baked cookies often lies in which pan you snatch from that stack of cookie sheets stashed away in the drawer under your oven. From undercooked to overly crispy, whether you're using a shiny-surface sheet or inexpensive old aluminum makes all the difference.

The solution? Swap that pile of pans to a sheet that's sure to bake the perfect batch of cookies every time. Say goodbye to burnt batches with our pick, Airbake Nonstick Cookie Sheets ($33.50, amazon.com). These air insulated, aluminum Airbake cookie sheets are not only consistent, but they're also proven to decrease your bake time by up to 15 percent. Perfectly baked cookies every batch and a quicker baking time? Pinch us please.

Sound way too good to be true? Trust us. It's worth grabbing a new sheet and baking a test batch. We have a feeling you'll be pleasantly surprised. Plus, it's a perfectly good reason to bake a batch of cookies (as if you really needed one).

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