Staff Picks

Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe

Rating: 3.5 stars
This unpretentious six-ingredient recipe comes together in just 10 minutes.

Chicken-and-Biscuit Cobbler Recipe

Rating: 3.5 stars
This savory biscuit-topped cobbler is the most comforting dinner you'll serve this holiday season.

Hot Cranberry Bake Recipe

Layers of fresh apples and cranberries and a crumbly mixture of oats, walnuts, brown sugar, and melted butter make a deliciously simple, crisp-like dessert.

Peach Dump Cake

Rating: 4 stars
A bubbly, gooey peach dessert that is something between a buttery cake and a luscious cobbler.

Chocolate Cobbler

Rating: 4 stars
Also known as chocolate pudding cake, chocolate cobbler is two desserts in one.

Pecan Pie Cobbler

A quick cobbler is a surefire Southern classic, and our Pecan Pie Cobbler comes together in a matter of minutes.

Cakey Strawberry Cobbler

Rating: 4 stars
Have you ever tried a batter cobbler?

Classic Apple Cobbler Recipe

Welcome fall with this hot, bubbling, old-fashioned apple dessert.

Apple Butter Cobbler with Drop Biscuits

A drop biscuit cobbler is a no-fuss way to enjoy apples this fall.

Peach Cobbler Recipe

We kept the peach mixture for our Peach Cobbler simple: peaches, sugar, and crystallized ginger.

Triple Berry Sonker with Dip Recipe

Rating: 5 stars
Never heard of a sonker? You're not alone.

Deep-Dish Berry Cobbler

A lattice crust gives a simple fruit cobbler a fancy upgrade.

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Peach Cobbler Pound Cake

There won't be a plate around with even a crumb of evidence left.