Attention: New Hazelnut-Flavored Oreos Are Coming

Can we get a hazelnut hallelujah?

Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos

Nutella lovers, rejoice!

Nabisco has confirmed the launch of what might as well be a mini Nutella sandwich. That's right y'all, Chocolate Hazelnut flavored Oreo cookies are headed to a grocery store near you.

You might recall that the beloved cookie brand debuted a similar limited-edition variety in 2018. But, as Best Products points out, those had a Chocolate Hazelnut creme sandwiched between two Golden Oreos. This decadent new version will feature chocolate hazelnut flavored creme sandwiched between two Oreo cookies. Read: more chocolate.

Now here's the bad news. The Chocolate Hazelnut cookies won't be hitting stores until January 2021. But hey, at least it gives us something to look forward to!

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Speaking of things to look forward to, Oreo is releasing another new flavor. Java Chip Oreos— coffee-flavored crème with chocolate chips sandwiched between two classic Oreo cookies—are also being launched in January.

There go our New Year's resolutions... already!

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