Banana pudding cups all around!
Chocolate Banana Puddings
Credit: Greg DuPree

For the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge, I made the Chocolate Banana Pudding. I had so much fun creating these simple banana pudding cups. This dessert taught me that a recipe doesn't have to be complicated to be really good. I made these in less than 10 minutes and my family loved them!

With only three ingredients, it's a great sweet treat for busy moms. Simply slice the bananas, coarsely chop the wafers, and then layer with the store-bought pudding cups. Oh, do not make the mistake of using Oreo cookies! Be sure to look for the chocolate wafers in the cookie aisle of your local Piggly Wiggly. Also, make sure that the glasses you're using aren't too big. The layering is much prettier in smaller ones. (Of course presentation counts!) I decided to improvise by adding salted peanuts and sprinkling on toffee bits. Delicious! It would also be good with whipped cream on top. I'm planning to make this recipe again for Valentine's Dinner.