Tasia Malakasis, owner of Alabama's Belle Chevre creamery, shares a recipe for chevre frosting, plus easy, summery ways to use it.
Summer Cookies with Goat Cheese Frosting
Credit: Stephanie Schamban

I'm having a little love affair with tiny, bite size treats these days. A little pop of sweetness in my mouth that isn't too much, like a cookie or a small donut. I want less commitment to a fork and plate. Instead of sitting down with sugar, I'd rather having a sweet little conversation that leaves me light and smiling.

But how do you make a dessert that isn't the same old thing, something that can surprise and delight? And since we are talking about new and surprising wouldn't it be nice if it could be good for you too? Maybe that is too much to ask. But I like having my cake—and eating it too.

At Belle Chevre, we talk about goat cheese being a hipper, healthier version of cream cheese. Goat cheese, especially Belle Chevre's super mild formula, is lower in fat and calories, higher in protein and calcium, good for your skin and hair, good for your digestion and more. I like to call it a beauty product you can eat! Which makes using it in a dessert even more beautiful.

A few years ago Southern Living published my carrot cake recipe with chevre frosting and it was a huge hit. Lately I've been playing with this chevre icing in new and fun ways. We made some chevre iced cookies that made Oprah's "Favorite Things" list then promptly broke our website with so many hits. Needless to say, we ran out of cookies!

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Now, my obsession is donuts and whoopie pies with unusual toppings, glazes, and icings. I served this icing on yummy little donuts for a party recently and they were devoured in short order.

If you have ever made a cream cheese frosting, then this recipe is just a simple version of that but with a surprising luxury to it from delicious and healthy chevre. Plus, you can wow your friends because you are way too cool to use cream cheese—you use chevre!

Tasia Malakasis is chief cheese at Belle Chevre, an internationally acclaimed creamery based in Elkmont, Alabama. She is also the author of two cookbooks including Southern Living's Southern Made Fresh.