8 Nostalgic Candies You Can Still Buy at Cracker Barrel

It's time to take a trip to the old country store.

Candy Sticks at Cracker Barrel
Photo: Southern Living

There are many reasons to love Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. In addition to their hand-picked decorations that cover the walls, the peg games on each table, and the fact that breakfast is offered all day, one of the best things about eating at Cracker Barrel is a post-meal stroll through the country store. And there's one section of the store we'll never skip browsing: the candy!

Whether you stop by for lunch on your next road trip or visit for Sunday supper, here are eight of our favorite classic candies you can still buy the next time you're at Cracker Barrel. You can also shop a selection of their candies online at crackerbarrel.com.

Stick Candy

Often priced at several sticks for just $1, stick candy is perhaps the most iconic candy found at Cracker Barrel. They're offered in over 20 flavors, including classics like peppermint and cherry to fun flavors like tutti frutti and s'mores.

Necco Wafer Rolls

Necco Wafers
Cracker Barrel

Classic Necco Wafer Rolls have been a signature of country stores for years. Each package contains an assortment of flavors including lemon, orange, lime, clove, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice, and chocolate. Plus, they're fat free!

Wax Bottle Candy

This classic treat features fruit flavored syrup on the inside of a wax bottle. After drinking the juices from inside, the wax can be chewed like gum.

Rock Candy

Rock Candy
Cracker Barrel

Rock candy is sure to catch the eyes of both kids and adults. This nostalgic crystalized sugar candy it almost too pretty to eat. It comes in a variety of colors on a wooden stick.


Whether you use them to decorate desserts, add them to snack mixes, or enjoy them on their own, this classic candy will melt in your mouth instantly. You can often recognize the mint-flavored nonpareils by their yellow, pink, and green colors.

Sanded Candy

Lemon Sanded candy
Cracker Barrel

Old-fashioned sanded candy even comes in a nostalgic brown paper bag. This treat is available in five flavors including lemon, cherry, cinnamon, licorice, and even a soothing herbal horehound. All drops have a sugared coating!

Atkinson's Peanut Butter Bars

Made in Lufkin, Texas, by Atkinson Candy Company since 1932, Peanut Butter Bars are handmade and filled with their famous peanut butter. You'll also find the company's famous Chick-O-Sticks at your local Cracker Barrel as well.

Cow Tales

Cow Tales
Cracker Barrel

Available in chocolate or vanilla, Cow Tails from Goetze's feature a chewy caramel outer shell that's filled with a sweet vanilla cream on the inside.

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