Easter will never be the same.
Cadbury Oreo Egg
Cadbury Oreo egg
| Credit: Dan Stewart / TIME

If you're an American with a sweet tooth, get ready! Cadbury's Oreo Eggs —the delicious marriage of creamy Cadbury eggs and crunchy chocolate Oreo cookies of your dreams—is due to make its way across the pond next month.

TIME confirms that a version of Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n' Spoon Oreos, the sugary treat that's currently being sold exclusively in the U.K., will make its way to U.S. stores in mid-February.

In the U.K., the eggs are being sold in packs of four and are meant to be eaten with a spoon. A similar but spoonless version is also already available in Canada. And just when our jealously was about to consume us entirely, a spokesperson for Cadbury's confirmed to TIME that a new line of Oreo eggs will begin rolling out at a suggested price of $0.99 here in the States.

As we count the days until the creamy eggs hatch upon our shores, TIME editors in the London office generously agreed to perform a taste test in honor of their American brethren. Overall, we're happy to report that their reviews were positive. For example, Europe Editor Dan Stewart gave the eggs a rating of eight out of ten, describing their filling as "light and creamy," while intern Zamira Rahim, said they were "better than ordinary Creme Eggs." However, all agreed that the eggs were very rich, and that one, believe it or not, was absolutely enough.