Although some of us wouldn't mind forgetting about it.
Frosting Cake
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Google's annual "Year in Search" charts offer an interesting look at the most popular trends from the preceding 12 months. Compiled in one place, 2018's search habits read like choppy history lesson: the royal wedding, The World Cup, and the untimely deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. But it's also full of surprises.

Like the top searched food term of 2018, for example. According to Google, droves of people were looking not just for cake, but a very specific type of cake: unicorn cake.

In case you've forgotten (or blocked it out of your head completely) unicorn-themed foods were hot in 2018. From Starbucks Frappuccinos to Sam's Club cakes that could feed an army, it seemed like everyone was getting in on the business of edible unicorns.

Unicorn Cake
Credit: Iliana Mestari/Getty Images

So, what exactly is a unicorn cake? It might help to think of them more as a centerpiece than a dessert, although they're meant to be edible. These fantastical, childlike confections are sweet in every sense of the word. Flavor wise, there are no restrictions, though we'd use funfetti for ours. Basically, it's all about the decoration. We're talking dollops of colorful frosting to make the mane, and fondant fashioned into a pair of ears and a golden horn (although we've been told an ice-cream cone works just fine). Two delicately piped wisps of eyes complete this mythical creation.

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