What's The South's Favorite Cake? New Study Takes A Crack At The Answer

You won't believe which Southern favorite got the shaft.

Southerners know a thing or two about cake. From buttery pound cake and Mississippi mud cake to cult-classic Coca-Cola cake, fudgy Texas sheet cake, and Bayou-born king cake, we've never met a cake we didn't love. The best thing about cake? It's synonymous with celebrations. At Easter, we're almost always slicing up moist hummingbird or coconut cake. And at Christmas, nothing but a festive yule log will do.

Jewelry company Shane Co. had life's celebratory moments in mind when they conducted a study to determine the most popular cake flavors across the country. They analyzed Google search trends over an entire year to find out which cake flavors people searched most often. The study found 21 favorites across all 50 states, and you may be surprised by which flavor took the South's top spot.

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Strawberry cake was declared the South's big winner with five Southern states (Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee) searching it most often. While we can't argue with the appeal of luscious cake made with juicy, home-grown berries in the summertime, we have to admit we're a bit surprised by the outcome. Its popularity across the South, as well as in New Hampshire and Kansas, landed strawberry cake second place in the country's most popular cake contest.

It was edged out by ice cream cake, which was most popular in eight states (none Southern). Molten lava cake took home bronze with the seal of approval from Southern states Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia, in addition to Iowa and Minnesota.

So, which Southern cakes didn't fare quite as well? Pound cake came out right in the middle, tying several other flavors for fifth place thanks to Mississippi and South Carolina ranking it highest. Red velvet cake, arguably one of the South's most iconic cakes, sadly got the shaft with only Alabama residents naming it as their most popular variety.

We still love you, red velvet cake!

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