Meet "Bubba Crocker," Texas' 11-Year-Old Baking Sensation

Logan Cooper is a proud third-generation baker.

LNC Sweets with Logan Cooper
Photo: LNC Sweets with Logan Cooper

Logan Cooper is fulfilling his family's legacy one delicious cake at a time.

Like his grandfather and great-grandfather before him, the 11-year-old entrepreneur from Texas City, Texas, is in the baking business.

"My grandfather and great grandfather were both chefs and bakers. I got the baker side, and one of my cousin's got the cooking side," he told Good Morning America. "I'm a third-generation baker."

Logan was nine when he started baking and selling cakes locally. At the time, he was trying to earn money to buy a new Xbox. Now, at the ripe old age of 11, Logan A.K.A. "Bubba Crocker," is baking professionally.

Today, his company LNC Sweets is getting 15 to 20 cake orders a week. Logan told GMA that his most popular cakes are probably his strawberry or vanilla, though he tends to prefer more challenging confections. The baking whiz kid loves experimenting with different flavors, ganaches and designs and has made a unicorn cake, a tres leches-flavored cake, and a hummingbird cake.

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Logan's favorite part about baking is mixing the batter and delivering the cakes to his customers.

"It's kind of hard to believe that very little things that you do can bring a lot of happiness to others," he told GMA. "I just love seeing their reactions and how happy they get. It fills me with joy to see them with joy."

His mom Carmen said that Logan's hobby also brings joy to his family. He wears his grandfather's chef jacket, gifted to him by his grandma, every time he bakes.

"My mom is just over the moon that one person in the family has stepped up to continue that legacy," she said.

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